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i think everyone here needs some GREAT news ...

Helllo everyone, i have not been here soooo sooo long. It has been 2 years since i rang this bell... so far so good. Since i heard about lori i could not make myself come here.. She was my rock during those hard times besides the many of you.. I am still very sad and missing her.. we developed personal connection and chatted quite a few times or phoned each other..

NOW THE GOOD NEWS..  Colsonoscopy established i had hpv in 2020  and most likely anal cancer  was hpv related. There is no cure for hpv, BUT THERE IS.. today i received my results from the lab and I AM HPV NEGATIVE! let me tell you how it came to this result. I found a small study done in Japan, about shitake mushroom mycelia and showing 60 percent success after 6 months of taking the pills. After 3 months there was no difference, the effect takes place in 6 months. The company i found is called PAPILLEX. i ordered 6 bottles and i am at the end of the last one. So it has not been 6 full months. you have to take the pill 3 times a day. on the bottle says AHCC. dietary supplement. it must be taken on empty stomach, but sometimes i took it 30 min after meal to let food go down I DID NOT MISS A DAY., JUST MAY BE SOMETIMES TIMES WERE DIFFERENT. but i kept it at 3 TIMES A DAY. my logic was to add fresh shitake mushrooms  in a soup and addes some noodles to make it ramen like.. I went to obgyn last week and told him i want to be tested pap smear but also told him about the hpv i was diagnosed. So this was thursday and results came in today. I AM NEGATIVE FOR HPV.  and pap smear was normal too. I had concerns since Lor diagnosis, and that prompted me to go see obgyn , Unfortunately in September i broke my ankle and had to undergo surgery, plates nails cast etc. I was in a cast for a month then with a walker and just last month i started walking semi normal. When it rains it pours. So that delayed my test but on the other hand i was on the last bottle .

I guess i am from the lucky 60 percent from the study.. i believe my diet helped as well. as i did not miss a day of not eating shitake or other mushrooms. .I FEEL COMPELLED TO SHARE THIS NEWS WITH EVERYONE WHO HAD HPV RELATED  ANAL CANCER TO TRY TO GET RID OF THE VIRUS

The not so good news is i developed osteoprosis due to ratiation, then it was discovered i had hiatal hernia gastritis and GERD. THE JOY OF AGING!

ANY WAY I am not clouding the good news with other complaints. Hope my info reaches someone who can use it.

again company is PAPILLEX, AND PRODUCT IS AHCC. if you are not consistent do not spend 150 $ for 3 bottles and more 150 for the other 3.

you must religiously take it and top it with more mushrooms in your diet.

hope i am helpful. Eva




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Right now just want to wish you a very happy birthday!!

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June 30, 2020

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Who your friends and relatives are.. what they are made of..

just be there and listen

no need of gifts i need your support

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from people who experienced it.. all tips are welcome

from people who traveled this road.. please help.



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