update 5 treatments left rough road

Hello everyone.. a brief update. The past 10 days were extremely rough.. my anal area was burned, skin fell off and was raw and bleeding.. the only ointment i used was polysporin ..and was able to tolerate.. everthing else was oil onf fire.. there were moments i was on my fours going in circles hawling.. burning pain burning pain..i believe the chemoroids i had from babies which never bothered me became baloons.. i was never seening the same doctor during radiation some random doctors who did not even had my chart.. the only finally one prescribed yesterday was hydromorphodone.. opiod  of morhpine.. it helped.. finallly i raised hell I WANT TO SEE MY DOCTOR.. I WANT TO SEE MY DOCTOR.. doctor called me 15 min later and prescribed cortizone cream which helped.. my question is what the other doctors did not learn in school ? Not to sound prejudiced but one of them was from south asian country..is his quatilty of education equal to local? did not seem so.. ... he definetly did not know how to help me.. just said it is normal.. how this helps me saying it is normal? i can google it to know that...

Yesterday i got Mytomycin final dose.. I got two in total.. 2 giant  tubes of vile blue liquid ..While talking to my oncologist he said i can end up again in hospital because my neutrphills can go really low.. literallly i had to ask him if there is a way to prevent it.. hmmm yes. there are injections but they are very expensive.. SO? Since we are managed goverment care.. this is NOT covered... but he said he will try to cover me.. it was $2000. OMG government is cheap to pay for very ill patients 2000! YET THEY SPEND ON THEMSELVES LKE CRAZY... I am so disgusted ... i dont want to hear about the free Canadian helath care.. as you get what you pay for.. doctors who complain to me the patient who poorly he is paid.. nurses who tried 5 times to find my veins and caused me fllebitis.. on my left arm.. phones with ONLY please leave a message we will call you back.. nurses who forget to tell me OH  you need blood test before we do mytomycin.. which caused me to spend all day in hospital to try to fit me later.. i am so angry. of  half ass job.. done by those people.. THANK YOU GOD FOR I AM AT THE END..

ONLY 5 LEFT.. I am talking morphodone and this cream is helping somewhat.. i did not get blisters but omg the skin was gone and that made me stay in bed scared to move for the past week.. i used sitz bath a lot.. it was my life saver.. i still dol.. ladies i will update you again when i physicall can.. stay safe...

Anne threw a punch at your cancer.
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Eva, you have really had poor care from your ‘experts’ and Doctors who should know better. I feel so sorry that you had to endure this. My experience was so very different to yours, but that won’t help you. You are so nearly there!!! Five days is nearly hardly anything, you will survive this. Many of us had burns too, I certainly did. I couldn’t bear to learn that some people sailed through the treatment, it seems so unfair! But once the treatment stops next week, the burns will heal pretty fast. I was all healed in 10 days. I just went to bed or bathed my bum. That’s all I could do. Once the skin is healed you will feel so much better, trust me. You can do this! Keep on, you have amazing strength in you to demand to see your own Doctor. Well done!
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Wow, Eva, this is awful! I hope and pray you make it through the end of treatment and start to heal quickly – you deserve some good fortune here🙏🏼
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Soooooo sorry you have to go through all this and your health care team is not there for you. It is horrible. Glad your almost done. Hang in there! You can make it to the other side. So you can just worry about healing. Hugs from far away. 💙💙💙
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Eva, your experience is awful. I feel your pain. I don't know if my info can help you. My oncologist ordered lidocaine ointment for my burns, and I used it a lot. But my colorectal surgeon told me never do that for the open wounds because it interferes with healing. She recommended Calmoseptine. It's over the counter, so you don't have to have prescription. I tried and liked it more. I hope you will start to feel better soon. Hugs!
I am so sorry that you are experiencing this. Please, please please use stool softener, like docusate sodium, NOT laxatives while you are on narcotics. Otherwise...trust me, you don't want to know. And lots of water. If your white cells drop again, healing may be delayed, so get ready to start pushing for that drug to increase. You keep on being an advocate for yourself! Wish I could come up there, and bring Easterly too, we could straighten their asses out quick! Do whatever you need to do to get your care, and 5 more days of it. Almost there! I am at tge
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(phone), I am at the finish line cheering you on, as is this whole group, I am sure!! I will say extra prayers for you. HUGS!
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Hugs and prayers .I know your pain .The chemo caused me terriable mouth pain .And the awful blistering in the lower area .You're so strong ,we are all hear for you .You're just about through the hell .
So sorry you are in such agony and getting little help from your doctors. I hope you will hang in there and get your treatments finished, as the last ones are crucial to getting all of the tumor. Don't be afraid to take the pain medication. I didn't take enough and had more pain than necessary. Take care and keep us posted.
I’m sorry to hear this. The treatments for this cancer are horrendous and to have substandard care just makes it even worse. I did not sail thru easily. My burns took 12 weeks to heal. I was in the ER 3 times and inpatient twice during the 7 weeks of treatment. You will make it through. You’re almost to the finish line. You will heal from this. Everyone on this blog is proof of that. One day at a time fellow warrior .. just 5 more treatments and you’re done.
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Still sending you well wishes for a speedy recovery, and going through hurdles is another pain in the butt!

I'm sad that I have to point this out to you, but I must. Your statement "Not to sound prejudiced but one of them was from south Asian country..is his quality of education equal to local?" This 100% sounds prejudiced. My mother and her ancestors are from Vietnam so I must speak up because you are perpetuating a stereotype from this one doctor. Why would you make such a statement? Are you well-informed of the healthcare and education system for a dozen SE Asian countries? Did you inquire about your doctor's training? I could go on. I hope you have time to reflect and try to understand why this comment IS prejudiced. It's important that I say something because prejudiced views could develop into much worse.
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I find it insensitive and unnecessary to respond like this at This Time.
Certainly a private response at a future date seems more mature.
It’s ridiculous and negligent that you had ‘random doctors’ and apparently they were unqualified to address anal cancer radiation damage. I want to echo that ethnicity of the doctor(s) is irrelevant, but experience and credentials are entirely relevant. You were so right to demand to see your radiation oncologist. I am so sorry you went through this! By the way, my radiation doc gave me silver sulphadiazene which helped my burns. Also, I regret to hear you don’t have ready access to the neutrophil booster shots. It seems to me the real medical care costs of the shot would be lower than going into the hospital. I hope there is a way for you to get one if needed as it can oftentimes Immediately resolve the issue. 5 more days and your done with treatment! Yay!! These 5 will be the toughest to endure so keep trudging ahead as you’ll soon be done.
Eva, I am so feeling your pain. We have all had similar experiences, but I have to say yours are a bit more frustrating. But you’re so close! Please hang in there. The worst will be over soon and you will start to feel better. You’re a brave fighter, and we all are cheering for you!
Eva, you poor dear - this is the worst of it but you'll soon be over the treatments and on to recovering your health. I had very low white blood count too and got those expensive shots. Medicine was called Neulasta and it worked to bring up the white cell count and protect my immune system. As you indicated, sounds like you're advocating for yourself - keep doing that. My burns were horrible, couldn't sit straight, or drive, had to wear only soft clothing, terrible pain - stayed on pain meds to get through the worst. Also, tried ice on the worst parts (with layers between ice and my tissue - just a little while but gave temporary relief). For the burns, I tried every type of ointment (including lidocaine and other things people have mentioned on the comments) and nothing helped until I got the idea that my tissue looked a lot like the worst diaper burn my daughter used to get. So, I tried a product called Weleda Diaper Care Cream with Calendula. I'm looking at the label now. In French it says: Soin contre l'Erytheme Fessier au Calendula. (I know you're in Canada and lots of things are in French). This stuff was so soothing and didn't just help with the pain, but helped eventually to heal the tissue. Of course, it will be easier to heal the tissue after radiation ends. The others here have given you great advice. Just think, there's a group of people who know what you're going through and sending you love and support. You will get through this so stay the course. Big hug, Donna R.
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I got a better brand of Manuka honey for my neck and did NOT have an unpleasant reaction (awful itching like from the original one I purchased. I love it! Thanks for the tip👍🏻.
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