i will be brief.. can not sit too long on my butt.. i was admitted in hosptial  last week with 0.6 neutrofills...chills and shaking... 2 days in ER waiting for a bed in oncology. This is the place (ER) where horror movies are made from.. i got a  panic attack and next day .. third day i was moved to oncology.. terrible diahrea.. but it was not c diff and it was not bacterial... meanwhile i was not allowed immodium until results came back... it was torrential rain.. I was hooked on IV for 4 days.. today my neutrophills went up to 1. 6.. so i was released.. meanwhile my chemo xeloda pills were supspended for a week but radiation continued... feeling not well.. and but is itchy burning etc.. the GOOD news... remember i was telling you tumor is so distal, only the skin separated it from popping out.. so now i believe the ENEMY IS RETREATING POSITIONS..

IT is friday..and 2 days break..

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So sorry you ended up in the hospital! It sounds like you are improving and headed in the right direction. Stay strong and remember the finish line is just ahead!
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Oh wow, I'm so glad you're back home & your tumor is being zapped to smithereens. Sounds like it was rough and you can now be in your home, the best place to be. I'll pray for you Eva. Hugs, Lisa
P.S. If you get bored, I'm on YouTube. I started a channel in May, so it's still a work in progress. I've done unboxings and some crafts videos. My channel is called The House of Jane. xoxo If you stop by, let me know in the comments. I am going to be doing a series on my cancer journey, but I haven't started those videos yet.
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Eva, you’re going through the wringer but it’s not for naught given ‘the enemy is retreating’. That’s great news. I hope you manage to stay out of ER!
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So sorry about the hospital visit, but glad they kept the radiation going and the tumor is shrinking! You must be exhausted - hope you can rest up over the weekend.
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I am so sorry, Eva, you were hospitalized. But I am glad that your tumor is retreating. I am wondering if Neulasta shot might be given with xeloda pills? Usually it works very well to increase blood cell production. My neutrophils were 0.48 and WBC 0.77 at one time. One shot got them up to the highest normal level. And here is a good info about neutropenic diet you may use https:
//hillman.upmc.com/patients/community-support/education/miscellaneous/neutropenic-diet. Also, it's better to stay away from animals, sick people, or any crowd. Hugs!
Small steps my friend, small steps...Glad you’re back home. We’re pulling for you!
Ugh! That long in the ER. Sorry to hear. Glad your home and recovering. It sounds like your tumor is shrinking!!! That’s great! That should give you great hope. Keep fighting! Your doing great!
Best of luck. Hang in there 👍🏻
Ugh so harsh! But the tumor is shrinking and that is wonderful news. This too shall pass...in a few months from now a new healthier / cancer free you will begin to emerge. You’ve got this 🙌🏼❤️🙏🏼🤗!
What a terrible stay in the ER...a place to avoid! Hang in there after your break (some vacation!) and keep that finish line in front of you..
I hope things are going steady now. This should be your last week. Hang in there.
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