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Today I found out my treatement will start August 5,So from June  18  August 5 almost two months of waiting.. A week ago I  was told they need a week for planning the treatment.. it will be 3 weeks after this conversation with oncologist.. nothing moves fast in this hospital.. I am frustrated.. in this endless waiting..

In the process I collected all practical ointments, sitz bath, probiotic, etc to survive the treatment.. I asked the cancer agency in  Vancouver BC to send the dvd with images to New york and some clerk decided it is wise to send it regular mai.. To those people outside Canada.. Canada  Post is notorious being slow without exception.. add  Covid and it will t ake 2 months  to get to USA..regular mail .. Cant believe the clerk never had a thought.. hey we are cancer agency, this person needs consult.. how do i make it faster, or may be I should call the patient to ask.. Nope.. regular mail it is.... so tomorrow i must drive to Vancouvwr BC, around 60 miles  away to pick another copy of the dvd..... because  of all of the above  ...again thanks for the support and all the practical advices I follwed...


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I am sorry, they are giving you the run around. I can understand your frustration, and I do it myself too.
I'm glad you are preparing. I got those "Procure xxl absorbent pet training pads, 23 in x 36 in" It did help, so I could sleep and save the bed sheets. They have more expensive ones you can wash and reuse. Just a suggestion...
Also, I found soft boxer shorts were better for me, than ladies underwear.
Drive safely!
The snail mail decision was so mindless. I am glad to hear you have your treatment start date. I’m with you that it, too, is at a snail's pace as Aug 5 is still 2 weeks away. From what I hear, a 2 month diagnosis to treatment interval shouldn’t make a difference so try to hang in there. Best wishes for a calm wait. You’ve done good work preparing yourself.
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Sounds like all the waiting is almost over. I also hated that part. Your weeks away from being cancer free. Yay!!

Of course people have to make something simple turn into a nightmare for you. Ugh! Drive safe!!! Best of luck. 💙
Yes, I feel your frustration regarding the amount of time it takes, as that was the same with me and I had my treatment at Emory Hospital. I also used old pillow cases , as I found,the pads irritating to my skin, I only wanted soft materials next to me. You’re almost there!
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