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Sacrum fracture and osteoporosis found

I had this very strong pain which almost immobilised me for the past 5 weeks. I went to chiropractor thinking it was a nerve.. he twisted and turned me in a pretzel which was very painful. then went to physio.. nothing helped. Until i called the oncologist again and he send me for a bone scan. Scan found I have a Insuficient sacral fracture.. and of course the joy of having osteoporosis.... Did the chiropractor fractured it or it was fractured i will never know.. Now my GP prescribed a medication called Actinol which may cause osteo necrosis of the jaw.. very scary condition. I am going to research it before  i ingest something like this.. The bone fracture might be related to the radiation .. I will know more as I have tele appt with the radio oncologist.. UGHHHH never ending ..what else is waiting behind the corner? Anyone had ostepporosis after treatment?

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I'm sorry you are suffering with this. Let us know if you find something better than Actinol.
I think I will have to begin taking something, as things are going downhill, of course from radiation, and the chemo multiples the damage. I want to go to a naturopathic doctor, before I start with Rx.
I am planning to buy my next home with the idea that I could end up with increasing walking ability; as since treatment, I seemed to get better the first year, but started to notice balance problems in regard to nerve damage.
Take good care of yourself.
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So many different treatments from our great BFAC peers! (I'm writing them all down.)
Hi Eve, I ha osteoporosis of lower spine and left hip before my cancer Dx. I finished my treatment last April. This March I had similar left hip pain ( thought it was yoga) ,I could barely walk. Saw my oncologist, who ordered MRI, the results showed insufficiency sacral fracture, but couul not rule out bone tumor....... sent me to a orthopedic oncologist who ordered tissue bx of the sacrum. ( this was NOT fun!). 12 samples later it all came back. Negative, but for 2 weeks I was led to believe it was bone neoplasm. Obviously, it was extremely stressful time.

My Oncologist said it was due to my osteoporosis, but more so from the radiation .

Gift that keeps on giving😂😂😆😁

I have been on Reclast for my osteoporosis.

So you may have had. osteoporosis before the treatment ????????

Are they. Checking your Vit. D level ?

Sorry for such a long post, but just wanted to let you know, that you are not alone 😄

Just an additional issue we have to live with. But can improve with your lifestyle,
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hi, is Recklast biphosphate?
Hi Eva. My boyfriend was diagnosed with osteoporosis after his radiation for prostate cancer. But it looks like he already had it before because they found osteoporosis out of the radiation field also. Now he is getting Zometa infusions every 6 months. So far so good.
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Sorry your going through this. Yes I also have osteoporosis from radiation. My doctor tested my blood to make sure my body is making enough calcium and vitamin D. Which my body is. So she wanted to watch me for a couple years to see how the osteoporosis did with the fact that I was also thrown into full menopause from treatment. My doctor said that during the first two years of menopause make the most difference in osteoporosis. Im 3.5 yrs out. My last scan there was no difference from the first. She said I’m very stable and said that I have a chance to reverse the effects with food. She does not want me to take pills or meds for it. She will follow me for a long time and as long as I’m not getting worse then she will keep me off the meds. I’m 50 yrs old and she doesn’t want me to risk the jaw bone effects. Good luck with your journey with this. I hope you can make a decision that you feel good with. Hugs! 💙
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I had osteoporosis before, but got worse after radiation treatment, ended up with a T12 fracture. Oncologist recommended Prolia injections every 6 months, done at her offices. The T12 fracture healed without surgery! Will be having a bone density scan later this year to see hopefully see good results! See which osteo meds are best for you...
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btw, I'm 70 years young, exercise and eat well, but osteoporosis runs in my family ugh
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Hi Eva-so sorry you are going through this pain! I was diagnosed with osteopenia about two years before my cancer diagnosis. I asked for a bone scan after treatment, and I was and full-blown osteoporosis then. My endocrinologist convinced me to take pro Leah injections every six months – she said the risk of a pelvic fracture that would not heal properly for the rest of my life was worse than the minuscule possible side effects from the drugs. I took her advice and had the injections for four years and that almost totally reversed the effects from radiation. Now I’m just on an oral medication that I take once a week – similar to Fosamax, but I can’t remember it’s name👵🏻 I also try to walk every day and take calcium and vitamin D supplements. I hope you get some relief soon!
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Hi, Eva. It sounds like you’ve had a tough 5 weeks. I had a sacral fracture within 5 months of completing radiation. At the time I was diagnosed with osteopenia so my doctor speculated it was a spontaneous fracture attributed to radiation. I increased calcium intake and here I am 8 years later still with osteopenia, which I’m okay with. I suppose osteoporosis is inevitable, but I’m not comfortable with taking meds that have the potential to impact digestion as I have enough to deal with on that front. So, probably TMI here, but I wanted to share this to give you another data point that the fracture could have been caused by or exacerbated by radiation. Or, it’s just the joys we get as aging women. Take care and I hope you have better times ahead.
I have osteoporosis. I am thin boned to begin with, then radiation on top of that didn't help. I took Prolia for awhile, but decided after more research to discontinue taking it.
Sorry to hear about your fracture and the osteoporosis. In 2006 my gynecologist put me on Actonel for my bones. I took a total of 3 pills and developed a jaw problem. It was like having lock jaw...my teeth clenched together so tightly it moved all my teeth. It created an open bite which caused me to be in braces for 5 years! I know I will never be able to take bisphosphonates again! I am walking daily, taking vitamin D (which I appear to be forever deficient in!) and calcium. Don't want to scare you about the Actonel...but I was one of the rare cases that did have a jaw problem and it only took a few pills for it to occur. Thankfully, it was not necrosis of the jaw but it impacted my life for years.
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Thanks for the birthday wishes

Thanks to all for reminding me to enjoy another year. Grateful for that. I am amazed every day at the beauty of my garden and all the blooming flowers in it.

I am grateful to witness this endless cycle of nature!


Thanks to all! I am turning..... 65??? Life is like a blink of an eye.. my friend told me .. then she added " stop blinking  Eva!

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Lol! Yes, listen to your friend. I hope your feeling good. Happy Birthday. 💙
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So true - happy birthday to you - glad you are doing well!
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So sorry to be late to the party. Happy Birthday! You're not getting older, you're getting better!
Happy Birthday Eva and I hope you enjoyed your day. Yes, life goes by too fast so enjoy every moment. xo Lisa
Wishing you the very best on this Special Day!
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